Audio Mixing

Studio Recording

We have many and well-designed recording rooms at our facilities to deliver the best audio quality for your projects. We are equipped with different sound features and a wide selection of musical instruments. Our goal is to work with you on how to find your right audio.  The mixing is done in two rooms, equipped with the best listening experience. Analog and digital instrumentation enable us to find the best products. Also, we work with sound editing and sound restoration in-house specialists. Our love of music and sound motivates us to take perfection to higher heights. We aim to provide premium studio recording services with a global value.

Studio Recording

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and mastering guarantees that your audio will sound its best on each framework it’s played on, including the web and radio. The process is part of audio and video production. We utilize best in class analog and digital processing with superior conversion and monitoring to offer diverse professional formats for duplication and distribution. Whether you are a record label, producer, or an excellent artist, we can meet your needs for producing music and bring that great sound to life in ways only possible with super quality mics, rooms, and equipment. Please take advantage of our expertise and affordable mixing and mastering services to make your projects stand out.



Sometimes in video production, you film a scene where you fail to capture the nest audio due to a problematic background sound. Other times the boom operator cannot feasibly place a microphone on the scene, such as in walks and talks. And then when you get to the studio and listen to the track, you discover that there is no good audio, or a large airplane drowned the sound of your interviewee.  In all forms of video production, silence is hard to find. There are many sounds you can’t help, like crowds nearby or the hustle and bustle of the city.
This is where Automated or Additional Dialogue Replacement, better known as ADR. ADR is an acronym for automatic or additional Dialogue switches.
ADR is the process of re-recording audio in a more controlled environment to improve audio quality or to reflect changes in the story.  The sound is re-created in a recording studio. Voice actors watch the performance of the scene to match the emotional tone with their audio delivery. Don’t cancel your video project because of bad sound. We are here to help.


Sound Effects

Sound effects stimulate emotional responses and emphasize content. If used properly, sound effects, music, and even silence can significantly enhance your video. Bad sound, however, can ruin your video. At Red Premier, we have the technological capabilities and expertise to make the best sound effects that enhance your project. Indeed, sound cannot make up for low video quality; however, when it comes to building the perfect viewer, experience sound is more critical than video quality. Sound adds emotion and connects people to what they see. It supports individual ideas and cuts and sets the general tone and mood of your project.


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