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Lyric Videos

Our audio-video producers have produced thousands of lyric video projects. Lyric video production is an integral part of the music business today. It has become an integral part of the music-promoting campaign.  While it doesn’t take a big budget to make, every new lyric video of your song allows you to get more views. Audiences like to watch lyric videos that sync well and share them on social media.  Do you want to impress your viewers? Talk to us. Red Premier is one of the leading lyric video makers with several successful projects in our portfolio.  We will provide high-quality lyric video design solutions for your project. Our state-of-the-art solutions allows us to make great music videos that can see your songs top the charts.  Looking for a great project with thousands of features included? We guarantee professional production of videos to turn every viewer into a fan.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are online marketing video clips used to describe your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often included on the landing page, on your website’s home page, or the main product page. 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they first see a descriptive video. Websites that use explainer videos are more likely to be placed on the Google homepage. It can be a big loss if you don’t tell people what you’re offering in such a way that they find can understand it quickly. Descriptive video helps you give your full voice to the world at any time of the day. We offer video production services from script concept and art to animation and delivery. Call us for explainer videos to use in pitches, your website, email marketing, and more.

Closed Captioning

We offer captioning for visual support in all video projects. If you consider using closed captioning services to improve your video content, don’t wait to call us.  The inclusion of video captions for TV programs is a legal requirement in many countries, such as the U.S. Even though these rules do not always extend to website content, video games, or DVDs, it makes sense to build your reputation as an accessible content provider because many of your viewers may be struggling with hearing loss. Also, many social media user’s mute audios when they play video.  Adding captions to your videos gives you a competitive advantage on YouTube and other social media platforms. This can positively impact on watch time, which can get you more views with YouTube algorithms. Our closed captioning services are fast and accurate.


Video production firms, marketers, lawyers, and other professionals regularly need text files from audio and video content. Transcription is listening to audio and video clips and typing content word for word. We are focused on providing quality transcription services at affordable prices with fast turnaround times. Our main goal is high customer satisfaction by providing accurate writing and translation services, extensive customer service, and the use of the latest security agreements to ensure privacy.  With the proliferation of speech recognition software, human writers are still offering the most accurate writing services. Commercial transcription software tends to have an error rate of approximately 12 % when transcribing. With our human transcription services, you can expect accuracy levels of 99 %. From branding to events and entertainment, we’ve got your back. Call us for all your unique video production needs.


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