Special Effects

Motion Capture

Motion capture, also called mo-cap, combines real life with animation, allowing you to record live-action and convert it into a computer form.  To capture the movement, mo-cap experts put sensors everywhere on the character. These track and record their actions, allowing them to be mapped to a computer screen in real-time. Animators then use computer programs to combine the movements creating a visual simulation of where the movement will take place.  At Red Premier, we are equipped with visual and computing technology like no other. Using kits sensors with exceptional power and computer vision, we can design and make multimedia motion capture images for use in diverse applications.


3D Virtual Tours

3D virtual tours refer to the life-like simulation of locations using a series of images and videos. Take a 360 tour and make it 3 dimensional and more immersive. What you get is a 3D virtual tour. Benefits of 3D virtual tours:

Control: A 3D virtual tour of a location empowers users to decide where they want to go, unlike the single restricting experience of 360 tours.

Detailed: A 3D virtual tour of real property can help it sell faster not just because of the allure of the marketing technique but also because you get to showcase countless features in one video.

Engaging: 3D virtual walkthroughs grab audiences’ attention and keep them engaged from the start to the end. It makes it easy to achieve marketing goals.

We are well equipped with the technology and capabilities such as robust CPU, GPU, memory, and the programming expertise to deliver well designed 3D virtual tours for your various applications.


Doll Houses

Well-designed floor plans are critical when marketing a property or beginning a new real estate project. However, floor plans aren’t easy to understand for everyday people. Our dollhouse simulation services allow you to present your building’s floors and structural plan in a manner that is interesting and easy to follow.  Dollhouse simulations are 3D models of a home that can be viewed exteriorly from a high angle-like when looking at a dollhouse. You see all the elements, including floor plans, and get to interact and share the simulation on multiple devices. Let’s leverage our tools and skills to make this a cost-effective undertaking for you.


3d Product Visualization

A 3d product visualization can help customers see your complete product from all sides. This is great for ecommerce sites when customers are making a purchase. A 3D product visualization is more effective as a selling tool then text. Your orders are less likely to disappoint customers and will help differentiate it from the competition. Order accuracy. Customer satisfaction. Competitive advantage. Through product visualization, your company stands to gain a lot. At the end of the day, with more accurate visual representations of what your customers are purchasing, your customers will be more satisfied with the product they receive.

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