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Webcasting & Streaming

We have invested heavily in cutting edge webcasting and streaming technology. We provide a wide range of services to broadcast live events around the world digitally. Red Premier brings high video production expertise that makes for great webcasts anywhere.  With the growth of virtual meetings and events, the right webcasting and streaming services can be the key to closing the gap of physical separation. Event producers and conference organizers have seen the explosion of new technology for sharing content with remote audiences. Webcasting services and video streaming are the most popular and effective methods of reaching out to customers, and Red Premier helps you deliver excellent video wherever your audiences may be.


Wireless HD Transmission

All our camera operators are equipped with mobile wireless transmission backpacks to stream your content if needed. We are a go-to partner in delivering content across the country. Our team of experienced camera operators and DPs are capable of delivering high-quality video content and embedding it to remote streaming locations.  We work with video transmission technologies that allow a rich and real-time viewing experience with high-definition monitors. Our wireless video transmission devices are designed to connect HD video cameras.  Our systems produce a non-compressed signal without the need of disturbing cables at a long distance. Wireless HD video transmission unclutters your venue and assures high quality streaming on monitors without the loss of sound or picture quality.


Multi-Platform Social Media Streaming

Have a product launch coming up? Consider multiplatform social media streaming. Multiplatform live streaming on social media is the key to successful branding and broader customer reach.  Critical data suggest that videos play a significant role in capturing market attention and improving conversion rates. Therefore, streaming out to all social channels at once can be the key for organizations to amp engagement levels. Streaming the same video content on multiple channels simultaneously is known as simulcasting. It helps to reach more people at once. It is a surefire way to beat the competition and attain top of mind awareness whatever social media channels your target audiences prefer. We work with state-of-the-art software solutions that help stream live video content on selected platforms. Our streaming services are dependable. Both video and audio are clean and steady.


Multi-Screen Projection

Imagine the power of video content on different screens, multiple LED walls, and other projection surfaces. There is no denying that this can be an excellent tool for making event experiences more immersive. Red Premier can help you successfully design the projection of content on multiple screens.  Multi-layered content can be used to keep your audiences focused on your presentation and critical messages. Capturing every aspect of an event and the ability to validate key messages are the other benefits of using multiscreen projections. And when combined with designed and choreographed productions, we can now create memorable event stories with the highest impact for your brand awareness. We have offered multiscreen projection videography services for significant productions, awards nights, conferences, and gala dinners. We provide expert assistance, casting technology, and other customizations you may need to make your event a success.


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